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09 July 2009 @ 02:03 am
rules & regulations  
The list of the rules you need to follow as the member of kaya_scodelario. The rules are simple, and I think - easy to follow.

List of the rules:

- you must be a fan of miss Scodelario and her work. please don't go off the topic.

- lock your posts, the kaya_scodelario community is 'members only".

- always use tags. take a look at the full list of tags before you post something.

- always fill the 'subject' line when you make a post.

- fan work. fan mixs, fan fiction, graphics, icons, animation, news, photos and videos (fan vids including) and etc - are welcome.

- icons. if you would like to share your icons - post 3 as a preview and the rest under cut. all preview icons must be with Kaya Scodelario.

- photos. photos over 450x450px should be posted under cut. if you would like to show a preview - resize the image to 450px or less.

- credit. please, always credit the source where you took the information, news, pictures, video, etc. credit should be put in the bottom of your post.

- if you wish to promote your community at kaya_scodelario, please, contact the mods first. do not post any promotion posts before telling the mods.

- if you wish to contact mods, please leave your comment here. comments are screened.

- be nice to everyone and have fun;)